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Github sourcing with SeekOut

Source Untapped Tech Talent

Uncover hidden tech talent

Developers are notorious for their sparse LinkedIn profiles, but their contributions on GitHub tell us a lot about their skills and expertise. SeekOut combines users’ GitHub profiles and code contributions with their work experience and education from public profiles to create a complete and searchable view of deep-tech talent.

Other sourcing tools only search GitHub profiles or individual repositories, which gives you an incomplete and often misleading picture of a candidate’s abilities. SeekOut’s unique approach surfaces talent that would otherwise be impossible to find.

Github sourcing with SeekOut
“SeekOut’s GitHub search is a game-changer for tech recruiters. Sourcing on GitHub used to be an incredibly manual task, but they’ve made it easy to find great tech talent.”
Jer Langhans and James Temple
Co-Founders @ Paired Sourcing
Source where other recruiters can’t

Sourcing GitHub used to be a manual, time-consuming process that was too complicated for most recruiters.

With SeekOut, you’ll have easy access to amazing tech candidates who aren’t already bombarded with recruiting outreach.

Seekout github filters
Let us do the heavy lifting

Knowing the right keywords and skills to search for can be complicated, with new languages and open source projects appearing constantly.

SeekOut’s power filters make finding common developer roles easy by creating complex searches for titles, languages, repositories and keywords behind the scenes.

SeekOut find candidates
Impress hiring managers with actual code

With SeekOut, real examples of a candidate’s code/contributions are just a click away.

Share code examples with hiring managers to give them a much better sense of skill than a resume or whiteboard coding test could provide. Use knowledge of their contributions to craft more engaging outreach to candidates.

SeekOut candidate code
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